Please remember that FL Lyme Advocacy is here to keep you apprised of advocacy and awareness events happening about Lyme Disease.  Even though many events are sponsored by the different non-profit groups in Florida, FL Lyme Advocacy Website is not sponsored by any of the non-profits.  This is just a centralized location for Lyme patients and advocates to be able to find events, information and organizations that they need.

Information provided on this webpage should not be considered medical advice.  The author of this website is not a health care provider, so please consult a licensed medical physician when making your medical decisions.  Nothing on the website should be utilized in lieu of your health care provider. Information provided on this website is provided by FL Lyme Advocates, but this information does not reflect the opinion of any of the Lyme Non Profit groups.  FL Lyme Advocacy is apart of US Lyme Advocacy.  Each state website will be maintained by different Lyme Advocates.  Information provided on their individual websites does not reflect the opinion of US Lyme Advocacy.


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