Contact Us

There are two ways to contact us.  The first is by filling out a form below.  The other way is through Facebook.  FL Lyme Advocacy has a Facebook group.  If you have Lyme & live in FL and want to be connected with others, join us at our Facebook group.  The URL address is:

This form below will be sent directly to the Lyme Leader on FL Lyme Advocacy.  Information needed to be dispersed to another state will be.  If you have questions about another state’s Lyme Advocacy – your information will be passed on from FL Lyme Advocacy to the US Lyme Leader and then passed on to the appropriate Lyme Leader.

Please be patient on responses.  Please remember that all Lyme Advocacy websites are run by volunteers.  We have full time responsibilities including in many cases being treated for Lyme Disease.  If you haven’t received a response within a week of your initial request, please send a  second one and in the comment section make note that it is your second request.


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